In 1976, the lake Dalecarlia Civic Improvement Committee, a steering committee, was organized for the purpose of getting a sanitary system for the community of Lake Dalecarlia. The committee raised funds from the property owners to cover legal, consulting and engineering expenses. The Lake Dalecarlia Regional Waste District was officially established according to state law in 1977, but since it is not a taxing body, more funds had to be raised from the property owners to cover on-going expenses. After years of negotiating with governmental agencies and searching for governmental funding, the construction of the innovative/alternative sewer system finally began in June 1990. The first house was connected to the sanitary system in October 1990.


The Lake Dalecarlia Regional Waste District's system is innovative in that there is a tank for each home and a pump in each tank. Since the orifice on the pump is very small, non-biodegradable items should NOT be flushed. This includes, but is not limited to: toys, condoms, handy wipes, cigar tips, cigarette butts, and septic-tank safe toilet brushes. The effluent from each tank is pumped into the main, also called pressure sewer line, and then is transported to the Lowell treatment plant.


The District is responsible for the operation of the pump, periodic sludge removal from the tank, and the maintenance of all sewer lines. The homeowner is responsible for the plumbing in the home and the soil pipe to the clean out. The monthly sewer charge covers the maintenance and sewage treatment at the Lowell plant.


When there is a sewer problem, an alarm sounds in a special control box that is located near the NIPSCO meter. In the event of the alarm sounding, please contact the office at 219.696.4035. If it is after business hours (8:30am - 12:30pm Monday thru Friday) please contact 219.696.8724 for assistance.


The Lake Dalecarlia Regional Waste District office is located behind the Fire Department. There is a night deposit slot on the east side wall of the front entrance of the office for bill payment after hours. 

District Meetings

The Lake Dalecarlia Regional Waste District holds a regular monthly meeting on the 2nd Monday of each month at the Lake Dalecarlia Property Owners Association building at 4665 Main Street at 7:30 pm. The meetings are open to the public.

Office Location

Lake Dalecarlia Regional Waste District
15901 Briargate Place
Lowell, IN 46356
Phone: 219.696.4035
Fax: 219.696.4055
Emergency after hours: 219.696.8724

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